IFSA Competition France : BORDEAUX : 13-14-15 July 2007

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IFSA Competition France : BORDEAUX : 13-14-15 July 2007

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For your information : this competition will take place next 13th-14th-15th July in Bordeaux, FRANCE.
In the center of the city, just along the river : check the picture.


Transport : International Airport in Bordeaux // Train : TGV or Night Train // Motorway : A10

Informations, Hotels, Prizes...
http://www.ifsasports.org/English/compe ... France.htm
or direct link :

You can ask questions & get answers on IFSA forums :

This competition is part of the Championship & the Cup : for the championship, it will qualify for the finales :
Top 8 men & top 5 women for freestyle slalom
Top 8 men & top 5 women for speed slalom

It will be organised by the club of RollerBug
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:idea: Results & Detailed results :

Obrazek Obrazek Obrazek Obrazek Obrazek Obrazek Obrazek

:idea: Global Sport Results =
* The World Championship of Freestyle Skating
It will take place in Gessate-Italy next 31st August, 1st & 2nd September :wink:
Skaters are qualifying in Barcelona, Bordeaux, Moscow, Gessate to go to these finales & know who will do the best.
The skaters qualified for the finales are in this list, updated after each competition :
* The IFSA Cup 2007
It is based on the same 4 competitions. Skaters are scoring points to know who did the best over the 2007 season. Top 3 ranking/results are taken into account. The Cup file present the results after each competition. These will be definitive only after the 4 competitions? This file is updated after each competition, check it here :

More pictures = http://picasaweb.google.com/sch3lp/IFSABordeaux
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